Understanding the Funnel

Google AdWords has many tools and applications that have been very useful in terms of lead generating and enhancing web traffic. It is very important in terms of marketing and advertising online line. One of the tools is funnel or Google AdWords funnel.

Many up and downs came across traditional marketing and it divides the world into two groups:

  • Prospects
  • Customers

In the traditional marketing, the customers have been undervalued and prospects ended up being treated a little differently than others. The traditional marketing doesn’t depend upon the demographics based analysis and the idea that people can change. cost of clickfunnels They change the posture, their attention, and their attitude. The knowledge they receive increase, their value as a prospect change as well. I think marketer always knew this but they haven’t been able to do much about it.

Google one of the largest search engines helps to build marketing campaigns according to the visitor’s trend. Google funnel can be easily measured and if you’re marketing anywhere, anything like product or services, you need to understand it. Google’s free web analytics program through which you can build funnel.

Imagine someone out there, surfing on the web. Ecommerce gives more exposure to funnel visualization. Funnels are commonly used in e-commerce websites, where there is shopping cart and a checkout process involved in. This is very useful for marketers, who really want to market their products online. Usually, marketers and analysts set up a Goal funnel that starts at a landing page of pay per click or email marketing campaigns end with “thank you page” or “receipt” page that a user sees after they complete a purchase.

This funnel helps the marketing analysts to analyze based on collected data in the funnel and see where users are abandoning the shopping process. Either the customers are experiencing difficulties in ultimate handling over their ROI to the merchant. However, funnels are not restricted to ecommerce only. If you install AdWords funnel visualization then, you can know more about lead generation or quote forms on you website. You can also use the funnel visualization report to get a good idea of how people are interacting with those particular pages, and if there are any bumps in the road that are causing detours from your main objective.

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