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Do you find it hard to find the best cheap car parts store online?

There is really many cheap car parts stores online, I did a Google search on “cheap car parts” the results 11.100.000 results! Yahoo came up with 23.500.000 hits, Msn found 43.300.000 That’s a lot.

So how to choose the best cheap car parts store? One night I had some of our friends over for dinner (one of them is a mechanic) and we ended up salvage auto parts talking about it. He gave me some pointers to selecting the right store.

A good parts store must show the following:

– How many parts they have in stock.

– The model and make of the cars they are dealing with.

– The ability to search for specific brand name, car, make, model etc.

– Types of product: new parts, used, refurbished, OEM parts etc.

– A professional site with parts easy accessible online.

– Ability to return parts and get a refund. (Make sure to read their policies)

– Address, phone number, faxes etc.

– A lot of payment options and a real storefront, so you can pick up parts from them. (If you live close by)

You can also try to Google the name of the shop/company for additional info. If there is any dirt to them you will find it in various blogs listed in Google.

So what are you waiting for, start searching the web for the best deals out there. As i wrote earlier in this article there is a lot of different sites out there.

Good luck.

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