3 Things You Need to Have on Your Sales Funnel Map

With the trend today to use product samples as marketing samples for information products, the formal sales funnel map has become a required tool. Every internet coach and training marketer needs to have a formal sales funnel map of their product mix. This map is a key input to your work breakdown structure. And the WBS is your description of what needs to be done in order to have products to sell.

But what information do you need to have on your sales funnel map?

In this article we’ll discuss 4 of the most important elements that you need on the main document of your product strategy.

1. Problem Statement

Doesn’t it sound funny that your sales funnel map needs to start with a problem statement? But it does. Not your problem, your customer’s problem. clickfunnels backpack review The one that you are going to solve with your product list. By having your customer’s problem in front of you you’ll find that it will focus your sales funnel on solving their problem.

2. Solution Statement

The problem statement helps to keep you focused on the customer while developing your products. The solution statement does the same thing. The whole point of your product mix is to solve a problem your customer has. That’s what is going to motivate them to buy your products. It does no good if you are constantly changing the solution you offer them. You need to be consistent in your message. You need to have a consistent solution. Of course, as you develop product you’ll learn more about the subject. And you may need to revise your solution. But save it for release 2. Save it for My Wonderful Solution 2 (the new and improved version)! Changing horses in mid-stream will just confuse your customers. If it bothers you too much to do that — give all your version 1 customers a free copy of the version 2 equivalent. Just don’t try to change the solution in the middle!

3. Product Purpose

Your product sales funnel map is a documentation of your product strategy. As such you may have different styles of map for each strategy. This type of map uses the product placement on the map to identify what the generic purpose of the product is. For example, you might have one node on the map that is for your free eBook. And another for your welcome video. While this generic purpose is needed there is also a need for more detailed description of the product purpose.

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